This site is for the literary, Historical and research contributions of Professor Aziz Kingrani. The CV is as under.

Aziz Kingrani

Assistant Professor of Sindhi

Government College Johi

District, Dadu, Sindh, Pakistan.


Father’s Name                                   Soomar Khan

Date of Birth                                      4th January 1958

N.I.C No:                                            41202-4065891-9

Gender                                               Male

Nationality                                          Pakistani

Present Address                               Government College Johi, District Dadu.

Qualification                                       i)M.A Sindhi, First class stood first (1987)

University of Sindh Jamshoro.

ii) M.A Islamic Culture, First class (1985)

University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

iii)     B.Ed First class, 1989, University of

Sindh, Old Campus Hyderabad.

iv)   B.Sc Second, 1982, Government

Degree College Dadu,

Languages:                                                 Sindhi (Native)

Urdu (Native)

Siraiki (Best)

English (Good)

Brahvi (Fair)

Balochi (Fair)

Experience:                                                29 years (1981)

Teaching Experience

Present designation:                      Assistant Professor of Sindhi, government

College Johi, District Dadu.

As a lecturer:                                            04-04-1993

At Present:                                               Assistant Professor from 2006



(1)       Sindh Paree (Short stories in Sindhi for children)

Published by Naon Janam Publication, Hyderabad 1999.

(2)       Roag (Short stories in Sindhi)

Published by Roshni publication Kandyaro / Hygerabad, 2005.

(3)       Tarr Tarr Tay Toofaan (Poetry in Sindhi)

Published by Naon Niapo publication Karachi, 2005

(4)       Akhar Akhar Aarsi (A dictionary of poetry of Ustaad Bukhari)

Published by Sindhi language Authority Hyderabad, 2009.

(5)      Kachho Hik Abhyaas ( Research articles)

Published by Institute of Sindhology University of Sindh Jamshoro


(6)       Sindh-An archaeological Journey, Sindh Tourim Development

Corporation Government of Sindh, 2012


(i)  Radio Dramas:

“Panjore”,”Oondaahi Khaan Poe”, “Sorhi Dharti”,

“Gabhay Ji Gola” and other approximately 30 dramas

broadcasted from Radio Pakistan Hyderabad and Khair Pur


(ii)   Television Plays:

(a) Serials “Koonj”, “Chhotkaro” and “Kinaaro”  “Wafa j baarshun khaan

poe” in Sindhi, Serials “Jeet” and “Jaltay Sooraj Kay Neechay” in Urdu,

“O-lara aen aks”, “Waskaaray Khaan Poe”, and other serial, solo plays “Roshan, Raah”, “Shafaq”,   “Samund Tay Lakeer”, Zinagi Jo Geet” and other went on air from PakistanTelevision Karachi Centre.

(b)  Serials “Gaarhi”, “Ghar Suhro”, “Aaraah”, “Zanjiroon”,

“Daam”, “Khali Hath”, “Rinn Aen Rabel”  “Kadahan Ta

Milandaseen (450 eps)” and”Piyaar Ji Khushboo”, “Ka Saar Ta

Lahabi Aa” and other serials, 30 solo plays went on air from KTN.



(1)               “NG Majumdar Remembered” published in Daily Dawn Karachi

(2)               The ancient valleys of Naig and Kai, published in Daily Dawn Karachi

(3)               The Explorer of ancient Sindh, magazine “Cultural Heritage” Karachi

English articles published in a book on Dadu “Dadu at glance”

(1)                Ancient places and towns of Dadu

(2)                Zoroastrians in Dadu

(3)                Buddhism in Dadu

(4)                Concentration Camp in Dadu

(5)                Neroon Fort and Divission in Dadu

(6)                Poets and writers of Dadu

(7)                Mianwal Movement in Dadu

(8)                Bilali Movement in Dadu

(9)                Western Nara Canal and its Channels

(10)           Ancient Rock Carvings in Dadu
(11) The Temple of Shiva Johi, published in Daily Dawn Karachi, 12th August 2012

Sindhi Articles 

(1)       “Waaee Ji Asliyat Aen Hae-at” article published in monthly “Keenjhar”

Hyderabad, May 1994.

(2)       “Sindh Tay Arban Jay Hamlay Aen Dahir Ji Shikast Ja Karan” Article     published in monthly “Keenjhar”, Hyderabad, October 1996.

(3)   “Johi Mein Budha Dharam” article published in monthly “Naeen

Zindagi” Hyderabad, June-July 1998.

(4)      “Kahaani Katha” preface of short story book “Kaaro Chashmo”

Published by “Dr: Abdul Majeed Academy Larkano, September 1999.

(5)       “Johi Talukay Mein Zardashti Aasar” Article publised in Quarterly “Mihran“Sindhi Adabi Board Hyderabad/ Jamshoro, 4/2000.

(6)       “Hurr Camp Johi” Article Published in “Jhoongaar” by “Nara”   Publication Sanghar, Spring, 2001.

(7)       “Sindh Sidhu Jo Tuhfo” article published in monthly “Naeen Zindagi” Hyderabad, July-August 2001.

(8)   “Shairy Saan Dushmani” article, (a critical appreciation) Publised in

Quarterly “Mihran” Sindhi Adabi Board Hyderabad/Jamshoro,

Winter 2006.

(9)    “Ustaad Bukhari Ji Sawanih Hayaat” research article published in

monthly “Hazaar Dastaan” Hyderabad, October 2007.

(10)     “Ustaad Bukhari Jo Ishq” article published in quarterly “Sarangaa”

Hyderabad January-March 2008.

(11)      “Sidhu Maathari Aen Dunyaa Vich Mein Aamad_u_Raft Aen Wapaar

Ja Qadeem Rasta” research article, published in monthly “Hazaar

Daastaan” November and December 2008.

(12)     “Johi Talukay Mein Pathar tay Chittan Waara Maag” article published

in monthly “Naon Niapo” Karachi, April-May 2008.

(13)   “Gorakh Chotti,Maazi Haal Mutakbil” article published in Shadabad

Magazine May-June 2008.

(14)“Johi Talukay mein Neroon Kot Ya Neroon Jo Qilo” published in

“Affair” Magazine, October 2008.

(15) Nani Gopal: Sindh Jo Golaaoo, published in Quartely Saaranga Hyderabad

Urdu Article

(1)   Qalandar ki Nagri k Aas Pas Qadeem Maqamat aur Ziyarat Gahein, published in souvenir 2012, Culture Department Sindh.

Articles, Short stories and poetry is still publishing in various magazines



(i)    Medal by University of Sindh for standing first positio in M.A Sindhi (1987), awarded in 1990.

(ii)        Lal Shahbaz International-conference Sehwan-1995 award, on

the occasion of Lal Shahbaz Literary conference, at Lal Shahbaz Auditorium Sehwan.

(iii)      “Keenjhar historical article award 1996, on the occasion of

“Jashn_e_Keenjhar, 25 December 1996, at “Basant hall Hyderabad.

(iv) Research article award 1997, by Abasi-Kalhora organization Sindh On the occasion of “Kalhora period” Seminar at Village Khudabad, Dadu, near tomb of Mian Yar Mohammad Kalhoro.

(v)     Best drama writer Pakistan Televion Karachi Centre nomination Certificate 2001, on the occasion of award ceremony at Bahria Auditorium Karachi.

(vi) Best writer Shaheed Makhdoom Bilawal award 2002, “JORDAN” organization Johi, at “Makhdoom Bilawal Hall” Dadu.

(vii)  Best drama serial (Gaarhi) writer KTN award 2003, on the occasion of award ceremony at Bahria Auditorium Karachi.

(viii)   Best writer Mader_e_Watan award 2003, on the occasion of Mader_e_Watan day in Hyderabad, by STP Sindh.

(ix)     Best writer award 2003, by press club Johi.

(X)     Best writer Alan Faqeer award 2004, by student organization Jamshoro, University of Sindh.

(xi)     Best drama serial (Daam) writer KTN award 2006, on the occasion of award ceremony, Bahria Auditorium Karachi.

(xii)     Best writer Sachal Arts Club Karachi award 2007, at Bahria Auditorium Karachi.

(xii)    “Ustaad Bukhari” research award 2008, by Ustaad Bukhari Academy Dadu, on the occasion of death anniversary of legend poet Ustaad Bukhari at Talib_ul_Maula High School Dadu.

(xiii)    Best Drama serial writer PTv award 2008

(xiv)    Shahbaz shield by Culture Department Govt: of Sindh on the  occasion of Lal Shahbaz National Literary    conference on 10-07-2012 at Shahbaz Auditorium Sehwan.

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